Ability Gym training a person with a disability using heavy ropes


An exercise program that’s customised to the participants’ needs and preferences. We believe one size doesn’t fit all and provide an individualised approach. The focus is on improving strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and sports skills. Sessions run for 60 minutes with a qualified instructor guiding the participant to ensure movements are performed safely and efficiently.

Small Group

Our small group sessions give participants the opportunity to socialise with others while performing fun exercises, activities and games that help improve their fitness, health, and movement skills. Sessions are 60 minutes and have a maximum of 4-6 participants, allowing us to devote attention to each individual.

Ability Gym with their clients hands in a huddle
An Ability Gym client putting

Out & About

The Out & About program provides support with heading out into the community and transferring the skills developed in our sessions across to sport and recreational activities (e.g., bowling, trampolining, and mini golf). 

BIG Day Out

A 1-on-1 (support/participant) group activity program designed to help people with disability improve fitness and movement skills, create friendships, develop long-term healthy habits and life skills, connect with their community, try recreational/leisure activities and increase independence.